Thursday 30 December 2010

A new Ghost for the Cathedral

On the eve of All Hallows Eve there was a concert by many of the local church organists. The Cathedral not only has a beautiful organ but it has a locally famous photograph allegedly capturing a ghost of one of the church masons from the 1892 rebuild.
During the concert, Patricia Young (my Mum & former Cathedral Organist) was reading a poem written by my sister Roz about that ghost photo. As usual I was taking photographs of the event.
While processing one of the long exposures in PhotoShop, I discovered the image of another ghostly shape. What do you think?

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  1. The Photo from the Crypt

    A wall of stone, cold it stood
    with iron fence to warn the good
    that day so many years ago

    A man of malice, sauntered by
    when evil escorted his foe to die
    that day so many years ago

    A deed so savage who would know
    when the dark of night our fears they grow
    that day so many years ago

    A photo box unwittingly placed
    would snatch the vision of our ghost in haste
    that day so many years ago

    A frame so black around it cloaked
    when viewed the observers hearts were choked
    that day so many years ago

    This tale is told of that day so dark
    when the slain man left his mark
    on that day so many years ago

    Today we view this image cold
    within the crypt of this Cathedral old
    from on that day so long ago